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Manga/Anime beauty #16 - kandasama

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 1, 2014, 11:00 PM

Manga/Anime Beauty - An Interview with kandasama     Heart

Manga/Anime / Traditional Media / Paintings / Watercolors 

Hello cupcakes!:love: today's the first day of this month of April (heck, how time flies!), so it's time for a new interview!:heart: From now on, they'll be monthly - I intend on bringing in each week something interesting, and of course you guys can suggest to me what you'd like to see. :heart: I haven't been all that active here, and I'm sorry for that... but I'll try to make up for that. :tighthug:
Anyway, for this sixteenth issue, I bring in one of the most adored watercolor artists on our community -  our dear kandasama . They gave me the honor of this interview, and I hope you all enjoy it!:love:
Let's get started. :la:

Please note: All the artworks featured on this article were chosen by the deviants themselves, and are considered by them their most meaningful pieces.

Bullet; Green Hello, kandasama  ! I hope you’re fine. So, why don’t you start this interview presenting yourself to our friends and telling us a bit about you?

Hello Ellen. Thank you so much for inviting me to this interview. Such an honor!  I am fine and I hope you are also doing well. My DA name is Kandasama but I prefer being called Kurochan, which my friends have been calling me :D I am from Vietnam but now I am studying  abroad in Japan.

Look at me by kandasama

Bullet; Green Now, why did you choose Manga/Anime as your art style to begin with?

Since I was a child I really like Japanese Manga/Anime. Thanks to reading a lot of Manga I wanted to become a Mangaka in the future so I practiced drawing a lot. When I was little, my favorite how-to-draw books that I owned were Manga’s style book and I did really love it. From the beginning my style was under the influence of Rumiko Takahashi’s, who is the author of the series “1/2 Ranma". But now my drawing style has changed much.
Besides manga, I also used to practice drawing different style as realistic, but I'm not really interested in it.

Last Cross by kandasama

Bullet; Green On the follow-up of this question, what is your story with Traditional Art, and why did you choose to work with this media? And when it comes to Digital, do you work ever work with it, or you're exclusively a traditional artist?

Actually the reason why I chose to work with Traditional art is something which should be called coincidence. In fact, when I initially joined DA, I only work with digital art and never think about using watercolors. But then my friends meomeongungu and meodualeo gave me a box of watercolor, and I thought I should give it a try. And I realized how wonderful it was. It was quite difficult for the beginners, but when I get used to it, I found out watercolor is faster than digital work (for me), and I'm totally fascinated by it.
I recently bought a tablet and I have also worked with a digital work sometimes. But watercolor is still my main drawing tool of trade.

Bullet; Green It is said that digital art is “taking over the world”, per say, and it is indeed the medium used by most of the Manga/Anime artists nowadays. Many say it’s even easier to work with it than with traditional tools. Do you agree with that statement or not, and why? And what makes you, let's say, “go against the flow”?

Maybe it’s true to say that digital art is very popular in today's art world, because it is easy to use and can do many things that traditional work can’t. I also used to work with both traditional and digital arts, so I know the advantages of digital, such as the "undo" button (XD), so it is nothing wrong to say that it’s easier to work with digital than with traditional tools . However, “easier” is in “process”, not “result”. If you look at the final result, it is hard to say which it better because everyone has their own taste. Actually I didn’t think much about which called "go against the flow ", just do things what I like.

Goodbye Cat, Hello Dragon by kandasama

Bullet; Green Tell us: Traditional versus Digital: What are the advantages and disadvantages you see on each? And which one is your favourite (not necessarily to work with, but to your art taste)?

As I mentioned above, outstanding advantages of digital art is the "undo" button, it means that you can correct any errors without affecting the result of the product. Furthermore, you can use more effects, textures to make your arts more eye-catching. Traditional work doesn’t allow you to do that, so you have to be very careful when working with it. Just one mistake you make can ruin your whole art. However personally I think traditional work also has its advantages. Because there is one and just one original in this world, the feeling when you hold that only original in your hand is so wonderful and the art seems more respectable, isn’t it? XD (maybe I am rambling, it’s just my own feeling, don’t mind it.)

Bullet; Green So, on the subject 'tools of the trade' . From your artworks, we can notice your most used tools are watercolors. Why did you choose this as your main working tool? And as we are on the subject, I'd also like to ask you to tell us, have you ever tried other traditional tools besides those?

I think I also mentioned this question above :D Watercolor came to me as a coincidence, or maybe “fate” jk :lmao: I mostly use Leningrad watercolor, and Canson watercolor paper for my arts. Besides this, I also use colored-pencil sometimes, and SAI or Photoshop for my digital work.

Day-dreaming. by kandasama

Bullet; GreenHow, and when have you found deviantART for the first time?

It was 5 years since I joined deviantArt for the first time. Time flies so fast. The reason why I haven’t here is also a coincidence. 5 years ago when I participated in a D.Grayman's forum (a manga which I was addicted to), I found a lot of fanarts on that site was linked to deviantArt. I was so curious to know what dA is so I tried creating an account on DA. I didn’t submit any pic that time, just walk around and watch people's wonderful arts. About half a year later I began to have the courage to submit my first own picture.

Blue Memory by kandasama

Bullet; GreenOn the topic of influences, what is the importance deviantART had to your art, since you joined this site as a member?

DeviantArt is a great inspiration and motivation for me to create arts. Since I participated in this site, it seems that I came to completely new world. Thanks to dA, I could make a lot of friends, not only online friends but also good friends in real life. Thanks to dA, I feel like I am connecting more deeply with arts. Now drawing is not only my hobby, but also my work, my life.

Rain by kandasama
( Featured by alexandrasalas )

Summer Rain by kandasama
( Featured by Nyiana-sama )

Commissions _ Cheeru. by kandasama
( Featured by WildCharmander )

Our garden by kandasama
( Featured by MzzAzn )

Last farewell by kandasama
( Featured by rydi1689 )

Bullet; GreenAs we can see, you have already gotten five Daily Deviations. You know, for the people who never had one, and also for those who already have one (or more), it is always great to hear about how others feel when getting this prestigious feature :D So, how was it for you? Did that help or motivate you in any way?

It really is a huge honor. I was very surprised and happy when I got the first DD. Though I feel like I still not really deserve it  (haha). Indeed, it has encouraged me so much, gave me so many opportunities and motivated me to try harder. Thanks everyone who suggested, featured and supported me a lot. :hug:

Bullet; GreenNow on the creativity field… What inspires you to create, and where do you get ideas from? Also, I'd like you to tell us a bit about 'external motivations'. Friends, family, etc., do they motivate you in any way, artistically speaking?

Indeed the biggest inspiration for my arts is still manga / anime. Sometimes ideas come from music, anime song lyrics, or drama. My friends are also a big motivation for me.

Fighting. by kandasama

Bullet; GreenAs I couldn't leave out of this interview, now it's time to ask about… Artists who influenced and inspired you! We all have them. On and off dA, tell us about them!

Hmm, thinking of artists who inspired me… there are too many to tell ! I can’t tell ! >////<
Well, if I have to say some, my favourite artists is  Eno – the wonderful watercolor artist; Tsukuji Nao- the illustrator and also the author of manga Adekan; Banp – she was the adorable watercolor artist on dA, I really get influences from her much but she did deactive her account long time ago so I can’t see her awesome artworks anymore TT^TT”
Besides them, I adore A LOT OF artists around dA such as Yuumei, Yooani, Nuriko-kun, Dark134….  I can't name just now…

Bullet; GreenAs we can't help but wonder, have you ever tried working with different art styles other than Manga/Anime?

I've also working with the other styles  besides manga/anime, such as realistic style, semi-realistic style. I am not really interested in them, but well, I have to do them for some reasons. I just don’t submit those arts here.

Sorry, I am late by kandasama

Bullet; GreenSo, we are almost ending this interview. Before so, I'd also like to ask: Have you ever considered doing art for a living, do you already work with it, or you intend to carry it on only as a hobby?

I do consider drawing for a living, but since what I am learning in university now isn’t involved to art at all, so I have no idea if my future will stick to art or not. Although my dream is becoming a mangaka , but my parents always oppose to that, so it seems like a pretty far-fetched dream ...

Last Inferno by kandasama

Bullet; GreenAs a finishing touch, we want to know: are there any art-related projects you're currently involved with?

Well,  about the projects I am working on…
I am working on my own manga, Cross Samayoi. You can find more information about it here… , but it is still in progress. I have no idea when it was finished because now I am quite busy with school stuff OTL. I wish I have more time to draw. I really really wish my manga will be publish one day. It has been my biggest dream so far TTwTT”””
Also, I have another manga project R.A.M - which will be drawn with meomeongungu . But it is still in progress as well so you can’t read it anywhere indeed haha OTL

Bullet; GreenOk, that's it! now, tell us something random about yourself!

Err… what should I say… well I love cats :heart:

Thank you for inviting me to this interview. :hug:
Thank you for reading until here. :D

Coming-and-going sky by kandasama

I hope you all liked the interview.Love
'Till next time!Huggle!

This was brought to you by Gwendolyn12, your local rainbow Community Volunteer Heart

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